visitworthing Photoshoot – London Victoria Poster

I came across this image that I took a while ago. Despite it being a year or so ago I should update my commercial work a little more on the site.

It was a couple of years ago and the photoshoot was decided for November, yes November. Working alongside Molokini Marketing, also based in Worthing we began planning the shoot (idea pitched and agreed by Molokini a few month previous). We needed models, a low tide and the weather. 1.5 out of 3 not bad.

worthing commercial photographer

Poster that was on display at London Victoria for 4 or 5 months in 2010.

We had to get positioned on the beach, in fairly wet sand which meant my tripod, lighting stands (for the remote strobes) were sinking a little let alone my own feet. We laid out the deckchairs and went back to the Dome (who kindly let us use their first floor as a dressing room). The weather was not looking great and then we were told by our kite surfing expert (who knows weather very well!) that we had about 5 minutes before the rain set in for a good while.

We almost ran to the beach, sat everyone down, the wind was blowing hair everywhere, I snapped away and took about 15-20 shots. The one that was used was the only one taken in some sun, it was not bad for November and having to organise keen but amateur models, who by the way were absolutely great!

3 different images make up this completed poster. A little bit of photoshop by Molokini and the poster was created. It sat in London Victoria station for about 4-5 months so that was nice.

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